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Benefits of Shutters

Shutters for your windows and doors are more popular than ever for a number of reasons. Here Edinburgh Shutters, a member of Edinburgh Trusted Traders, outlines just a few of the benefits they offer and and how they compare to other window coverings such as curtains and blinds.

Flexible privacy

People, quite rightly, value their privacy. Homeowners in Edinburgh who live in bungalows and ground floor tenement blocks are usually close to a pavement and passers by going about their daily business often can’t resist having a peek into their living rooms or bedrooms as they walk past. Among the many benefits of shutters is their ability to close completely to ensure your privacy. There are two types of shutters you can choose depending on where your home is located. They are café style or tier-on-tier.


Cafe Style Edinburgh Shutters


Café-style shutters are perfect on a ground floor bungalow or a ground floor tenement. They only cover the lower half of your window and leave the top half uncovered.


Tier-on-tier shutters are another option as they allow you to have the top shutters open whilst leaving the bottom halves closed. You can adjust the louvre to suit your own view of the outside. We offer shutters with a midrail which splits the top and bottom halves which allows you to open one half to let in the light and leave the other closed to retain your privacy.

Block out traffic noise

Traffic noise can be irritating. Families with younger children in particular need silence and total blackout so their children can sleep. Shutters, being more solid than curtains or blinds, will provide an effective barrier against traffic (and construction) noise.

Added security

Shutters are a great added security measure for many people especially at night. Intruders are opportunists and if faced with a choice, they will always go for the easy option which means looking for an open window, or breaking into a home with curtains or blinds rather than tackle the extra layer of protection shutters offer. They therefore act as a deterrent. See the Police Scotland website for further tips on keeping your home secure.

Heat retention

Heat retention is another reason people buy window shutters especially in north facing homes or if you just have draughty windows. The louvres on shutters close ‘up’ rather than ‘down’ so any heat generated from your central heating radiators is thrown back into the room. Most people tell us they need to adjust or switch the heating down after shutters have been fitted, as the room is so much warmer.

Protect against dust mite allergies

Dust mites can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Shutters are easier to clean than blinds or curtains which means you can keep the levels of dust down in your home.

Other types of shutters we offer


Full height

Full height shutters offer great benefits for homes with sash and case windows. We offer shutters with a midrail which splits the top and bottom halves meaning you can open or shut either independently.  The other option is full height without any midrail but with a split tilt option. This means there’s no visible split but you can designate exactly where the louvres open and close and we will make them that way to suit you.  Most people don’t bother with tilt rods, which run down the middle to open and close the louvres. Instead they opt for silent tilt or easy tilt which offers a minimal, modern look.


Patio doors

We also fit shutters to patio doors. These are mostly bi-fold but can also be tracked, which can slide both ways and are not hinged. This is an option is called “free floating” and is a great option when the room is tight for space.


Of course not all windows are the same shape. That’s why we offer shutters in many different shapes from triangles to portholes. The only and main consideration here is the configuration of the way you want the shutters to open and close and we will discuss this with you.

Bay windows

Bay windows are very common in Edinburgh and we fit these almost every other day it depends on the type of bay window you have – either a square box bay or a 3/5 box bay. This is something we will discuss and explain on the home visit.

Real wood shutters

We have taken a decision to fit only and with few exceptions real wood shutters so we don’t as a rule use MDF which is a composite engineered wood. It’s okay for certain jobs but the saving is minimal and the weight of MDF in our opinion is not worth the risk as it puts unnecessary strain on the hinges, especially when the shutters are left open.

UV resistant and don’t fade

Every shutter has been treated with 6 layers of spray paint so they are in effect sealed and are very easily cleaned. They’re also UV resistant so they don’t fade or change colour with the sunlight shining continually on them.

You can choose hinges to suit your shutter colour. These can either be self-coloured white hinges or silver or brass if you want to match existing finishes in your house.

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