The Benefits of Shutters

The Benefits of Shutters

Whereas blinds and curtains provide window dressing, shutters, made from 100% solid wood or MDF, are regarded as window furniture and add a timeless elegance to any style of property from Georgian period homes to modern new builds. Here are just some of the reasons to consider window shutters for your home.

Added Security

Most people who buy wooden window shutters buy them for the look but there are so many other benefits. Take added security as an example. If you leave the louvres at an angle when you’re not at home passers-by can’t see into your room. This makes it very unlikely that a would-be intruder would risk breaking in. It’s also very difficult to break through a window then a shutter without making a great deal of noise and as most intruders are opportunists looking for an easy target, they tend not to bother trying.

Light Control

Shutters offer you so much more versatility than curtains or Venetian blinds when it comes to light control. For example, by simply opening and closing your shutter louvres, or changing the angle, you can let in more light in winter or provide some shade in the summer. A full height shutter with a “split tilt” mechanism means the shutter looks the same from top to bottom but it allows you to choose where the louvres open and close. This is similar to having a midrail but with a “split tilt” there’s no divider between the top and bottom so the whole shutter is uniform across its height.  


If you live on a ground floor flat or bungalow you may have experienced the problem of passers-by looking in. This can also be a problem if you live in a tenement flat and face the windows of other properties where neighbours across the street can look out their window and see inside yours.  Fitting shutters will eliminate the problem once and for all because when the louvres are tilted at a slight angle you can still see out…but nobody can see in.  

Keeping Warm

The areas around your windows are most likely to be the coolest in your home… even with double glazing!  This is because glass is cold to the touch and makes the surrounding air cooler around the window frames.  This can be a problem if the window is a floor to ceiling style or if you have patio doors or French windows.  However, the problem can be solved by fitting wooden window shutters. Not only are the shutters warmer because they’re made of wood, they are also a second defensive barrier between the glass and any draughts that may be circulating in that area.  When the shutter louvres are closed in the evenings they close up the way (the opposite way to Venetian blinds) which means any heat generated cannot escape and is thrown back into the room thereby keeping you and your family cosy and warm. 

Solid Panel Shutters

We also make and fit traditional solid Victorian and Georgian style shutters which are perfect for Edinburgh period homes. As well as complementing these particular styles of property our shutters offer a complete blackout when required as well as additional security. 

Bay Window Shutters

Many houses and flats in Edinburgh have bay windows which come in a variety of styles from splay bays to square bays and circular bays (with more facets or angles than the others). We can make shutters to fit any of these bay windows…and in any of the shutter styles available… from “full height” to “cafe style.” Or, if you need privacy but also want to light up your room during the day, you may prefer “tier on tier” shutters.  This means there are two sets of independently opening shutters – one on the top and one on the bottom. 


Custom fit Edinburgh Shutters

Tracked Shutters

Our track shutters are available in 2 main track systems – Bi-fold and By-Pass – to provide a huge number of options, configurations and flexibility. Bi-Fold shutters simply concertina together as you draw the panels along the tracks. Our Bi-Fold shutters use hinges to fix multiple shutter panels together. These look fantastic when in situ and should you wish to open your shutters, to access your window or patio door, each panel group will concertina together to the left and/ or right.

To Make an Appointment

We are aware that you have a choice of suppliers when it comes to shutters which is why we won’t pressure you into buying from us. We do, however, believe we offer excellent quality shutters and a first-class service at a fair price and would appreciate the opportunity to offer a quote. Here is our process when you contact us.

When you get in touch with Edinburgh Shutters we will agree a date and time to visit your home.  The visit itself will normally take around 40 mins in total during which time you can explain more about your reasons for considering shutters. I will then explain our shutter range and, based on the information given, will advise which is best to suit your needs.  I will then measure up and provide a verbal quote on the day followed by a full and detailed quotation laying out our terms which will be emailed to you within 24 hours. If you decide you would like to go ahead, I will arrange to have our fitter come to your home to carry out a survey at which point they will again confirm all the details with you.

Our lead time is 8 weeks from the date of your survey and completed agreement and when your shutters are ready, we will contact you to arrange a fitting date.